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Legal Framework

Governing legislation in Liberia is the 2003 Industrial Property Act, which makes provision for registration of patents, designs, and trade marks for single/multiclass goods and services, as well as for collective marks, and trade names. The International classification of good and services (NICE classification) is applied. Legal protection and exclusive right to use a mark is obtained by registration and not use of an unregistered mark. Applications are accepted upon meeting all substantive registration requirements as stipulated in the Act and determined by the Registrar, and published in the local newspaper in anticipation of either opposition or issuance of the registration certificate, and/or both. In addition IP right owners are required to request annual updates on their brand(s), in order to maintain and manage their status, and carry out renewals and payment of fees within the set time frames. Trade mark registration is effective for 10 years, while patented inventions and novel designs remain protected for 20 years and 5 years, respectively.

International Arrangements

Liberia is a signatory to the following treaties;
  • ARIPO, since December 24, 2009
  • Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property, since March, 1994
  • Berne Convention for the protection of Literary and Artistic Works since March 1989
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), since August 1994
  • The Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks since December 1995
  • Signatory to The Patent law Treaty since June 2000
  • Member of Universal Copyright Convention administered by UNESCO since April 1956
  • Banjul Protocol since 2010


Documentation Requirements for Registration
  • Power of Attorney, oath and declaration (legalized up to a Liberian Consular or by means of an Apostille (Hague Convention))
  • Full particulars of the applicant
  • List of the goods or services
  • Electronic prints of image
  • Priority documents where priority is claimed


Examination: While The Industrial Property Act of Liberia has been drafted, implementing legislation remains in the developmental stage. Nonetheless novel patents are granted a 20 year protection term, renewable commencing from the first anniversary of the date of filing. Filling Requirements
  • Documents must be notarized and legalized up to Liberian Consular level
  • Power of Attorney
  • Priority documents (where priority is claimed)
  • Specification claims in English
  • Formal drawings if any
Licences/Assignments: Assignments and Licences should be recorded